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Vandal Resistant CCTV Bullet with OSD Menu















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EC-580: Vandal Resistant CCTV Bullet with OSD Menu

When you can pair good performance with good price, then customers take notice. In the highly competitive field of security camera installation that means a lot, and the ECL-580 advanced video processing, is just the camera you need to pack that punch.

Effio™ Video Processing Technology

The Effio video processor sits at the analog front end (AFE) of the video image capture process (see simplified diagram at left). Here it intercepts signals prior to digital signal processing. This provides the DSP circuitry with clean and efficient signals that make its job easier, freeing up space for further enhancements to be added to the available real estate on the chipset at micro-component level. These enhancements create higher resolution and provide more options in the OSD.

Effio video processing depends on a chain of support circuitry. If the support circuitry is mismatched it injects noise. Noise un-does the primary purpose of Effio by destroying image quality at the front end. Some CCTV camera manufacturers find it profitable to substitute low cost generic components. This saves manufacturers big bucks over large production runs. But engineers know generic parts make mismatched support circuits, and that means noise in the signal. Our engineers specify matched components throughout the entire design, insuring clean signals and giving this Eclipse camera full Effio quality.

Loaded with Features, Including PrePro

The multilingual OSD menu in this camera provides the user with a window into a wealth of options. There are so many features and options it's easy to get confused. In fact some OSD menu cameras force you, as the installer, to spend a lot of time going through each setting until you find the right combination for optimal performance. We know time is money, so we created the PrePro option.

PrePro stands for Pre-Programmed. Our engineers have already programmed default settings in the chipset for optimal performance. That's a lot of words to say "when you reset the camera to factory default, it's good-to-go 99% of the time."

Of course PrePro doesn't handle every situation. But it will satisfy a wide variety of users in most common settings, and the time/cost savings alone make this camera incredibly attractive for large scale installations.









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Wireless MMS HD Camera

w/ External Antenna

With its two-way communication feature, not only will the camera send MMS pictures to your cell/email, but you can text from your cell to the camera to change the settings, or command it to take and send a picture.


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