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"Exit Sign" - Standard Red or Green Exit Sign












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SecureShot Exit Sign DVR

Ideal for office or warehouse security. Hidden pinhole camera views out front at downward angle. SD card slot hidden in compartment on back


Now Supports up to 32Gb SD Card (not included)  That's Approximately 160 Hours Recording!

Security recording made easy and economical with our new line of SecureShot self-contained, totally covert digital video recorder/cameras. Motion activated real time video is recorded on a tiny SD card, housed in a hidden compartment. All recording are time/date stamped for professional security applications. Every system includes (2) 1Gb SD cards.


  • User Friendly -Totally Covert: Unit is "armed" by simply pressing the power button on the included IR remote control. No "tell-tale" extra lights or switches insure a totally covert system.

  • Custom User Settings: User settings are easily changed by simply connecting the unit into the "Video in" of your TV/Monitor via the supplied RCA cable and pressing the menu button on remote control. Motion activation sensitivity is adjustable to operate effectively in most any environment.

  • Two Playback Options: Recorded images/video can be played back directly from the unit by simply connecting the included RCA cable to your TV/Monitor and touching the play button on IR remote control. SD card can also be removed from unit and played on your PC via included SD card reader. No additional PC software needed.

  • Everything Included: No extra costs! Our system includes the SecureShot DVR/Camera, Two SD cards (1Gb), USB SD card reader with extension cable, RCA video connector cable for use with your TV/Monitor, IR remote control, and instruction manual.

  • High Resolution: Video at 12 fps: (640 X 480) High Resolution fluid motion recording capability. (user adjustable from 1 to 12 fps)

  • Medium Resolution: Video at 30 fps (320 X 240) (user adjustable from 1 to 30 fps)

  • 32GB SDHC Card Support: 160 hours recording at full 30 fps- (records 5 hours per GB on lower capacity SD cards) Hundreds of hours possible with lower frame rate selections.

  • Firmware Upgrade: New firmware can be quickly installed via USB port.

  • Embedded Time/Date Stamp: Embedded in video- Time/Date stamp is seen on both playback from unit and PC via SD Card.

  • Enhanced Motion Activation: Not only is sensitivity adjustable, but also features a "grid" setting with multiple blocks to eliminate unwanted triggers in the camera view such as a computer screen or rotating fan.

  • Multiple Playback Speeds: X1/ X2/ X4/ X8/ X16/ X32/

  • Schedule Recording: Record time can be set to record at only times of interest.

  • Event Search Function: Property and fist image of selected file is displayed to quickly find a particular event.

  • IR Remote Control: For setting system parameters and arming and disarming unit


NOTE: U.S. Military, Law Enforcement & Federal, State & Local Government Agencies only can add "audio" recording to unit. Click here for details.





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Wireless MMS HD Camera

w/ External Antenna

With its two-way communication feature, not only will the camera send MMS pictures to your cell/email, but you can text from your cell to the camera to change the settings, or command it to take and send a picture.


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